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Mortgages and loans is the same, useless, incomplete and boring loans-based app.

Or is it?

You'll find it's actually the evolution of one of the most appreciated apps in the Finance section. Mortgages is already quite popular, and is an ideal tool for professional and private users. The app is a collection of technology and functionalities that fears no competition.

You are part of the app: all those functionalities are born thanks to users' suggestions and critics. That's why it's so appreciated worldwide!

-- What does Mortgages and Loans do? --

Mortgages can simulate with very little effort small loans or great mortgages, both with a quick interface and with a detailed selection of parameters. You can personalize the capital, the duration, all the rate details, the amortization schedule type and so on ...

Simulate your loans/mortgages, look how their parameters vary during the years with our cool graphs, and try to edit each single installment (eg. change the rate or insert a custom partial repayments) using a simple but powerful interface.

-- Historical rates, always up to date --

Mortgages comes with a collection of all historical rates from Euribor and LIBOR indexes and will constantly update when a data connection is available. These historical values will enable the simulation of historical amortization schedules, trying to replicate the one your bank applied to you (some little differences could be found, though).

-- In deeper detail --

Save and reopen your simulations, export and share them via email using an MS Excel-compatible format (xlsx), and also change by hand each historical rate value.

With Mortgages you have complete control over your simulations and tests.

What else? Download now and verify its wonderful functionalities for yourself! -

Last updated 17 Aug 2013

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