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'Scuse me while i kiss which guy?

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Published 16 May 2013

We've all got an embarrassing story about misheard lyrics in songs that you think you are totally familiar with. Desmond Dekker's classic hit "The Israelites" always baffled me when I was a kid because I was convinced that Mr Dekker was telling me that his 'ears are alight.' Maybe you had to be there. Of late, there was a Foo Fighters song where I always wondered who the Allison was and why it was the last song he'd write to her. It wasn't until recently that I found out that Dave was singing "I listen, but your out of tune" and the song was about Kurt Cobain. MusicLyrics is a new music and song words application where you can not only find out what the lyrics are to a song but also, listen and watch a music video as well as finding more out about your favorite artists.
If you are interested in music just a little bit more than those who just like to listen to music or interested in knowing about events in the life of your favorite artist or group then this magazine style music app could be just what you are looking for. Maybe you want to know the exact lyrics of your favorite song and its translation then MotoLyrics is exactly what you need. The app is  a music entertainment project with the biggest, searchable, regularly updated and lyrics database on the net featuring heaps of song lyrics and music videos. It is a free directory containing  more than one million song lyrics of popular artists and groups. Not only can you find a favorite song lyrics but the app also performs the translation of the lyrics of foreign artists - very useful if you want to pull out a little gem that no one knows for your Voice audition tape. study an also study the biography of your favorite artists and get all the latest news, view photos and watch videos. You can search by artists and groups, the names of albums, songs and video, by phrases from the lyrics or by genre and news. If you still cant find what you are looking for just use the information request form.
It's fairly easy to find the lyrics of your favorite songs on the internet - you can simply type in the name in Google and you will have it straight away. But, while MotoLyric also offers that service with over a million songs in its database, it actually delivers a hell of a lot more than just lyrics. This easy to use music app is fast, colorful and user friendly and gives up a surprising number of music videos of your search artist or band as well as photos and bios. Very useful if researching an artist. It also gave up a number of unofficial releases when I was looking - a very useful attribute for the avid music fan like myself. While it isn't the greatest looking app you've ever seen its obvious that this app was put together by people that love their music and it's nice to have something that you can keep in your pocket when you need to find those lyrics. Now, 'scuse me while I kiss this guy, will ya.

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