Developer description

Motoqlik is a new motorists social app that we like to refer to as a revolutionary way for motorists to connect.
The name literally translates to a Community of vehicle owners. We had a problem. We parked our cars outside the office buildings, house parking lots, along roads, but we always have some other cars obstructing our vehicle when we get back. We tried to attract the owner’s attention by blazing out car horns, but we really felt like there should be a better way to communicate. We realised that we are creating a disturbance and endless waiting didn’t seem to be a better way.
So we made an app :)
These days, you don't have to hang out at vehicle workshops and pick the mechanic’s brain. You can consult other motorists by forming a community and communicate with the owner of the vehicle by searching with their license plate number.
Using our Windscreen feature, you can leave a virtual note on a car’s windscreen along with quick messaging stickers. In addition, flaunt your new car, new mod or upgrade. Showcase your ride all in your vehicle social media profile where your friends or like-minded individuals can appreciate the beauty of it. Inspire worthy news, topics, tips, to be shared with the community.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015