Developer description

Motormee is a Social Network created by a Motor Enthusiast for Motor Enthusiasts.
We aim to provide a network that breaks down the barriers between Motor Enthusiast clubs, where you have one identity and can move freely between car & bike pages, channels and clubs to share pictures & ideas, look for information or socialise with like minded individuals.

Functionality includes:

-Creation of personal profile
-Creation of vehicle profiles with details of Modifications, Awards, Restorations & Pictures
- The ability to follow vehicles and be notified of any changes such as new modifications in the user dashboard
- Creation of channels for large projects or subjects. This is like a personal blog or youtbube channel where people can subscribe
- Creation of a club which has a built in discussion forum. This can be done with a few clicks of a button.
- Private messaging for member to member chat.
- Global news feed for up to date news for the site
- Browse and find pages for vehicles, clubs, channels, pictures and members
- Dashboard and email notifications

Last updated 23 Dec 2014

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