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Professional website heatmaps and visitor activity analysis by tracking visitors' mouse moves, ... More

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Published 15 Oct 2012

When you are creating a website, whether you are an amateur or a professional designer, it generally comes down to the feel and look of the site that dictates how you design the interface. There are standard rules for where you put stuff on your pages but it does tend to be a bit of a judgment call as to whether the whole package 'works' or not. Or is it? MouseStats is a tracking and analytics application the delivers detailed heat maps and analysis of all the mouse activity on your site to see if the positioning and information of your content is working as efficiently as possible.
MouseStats is a very professional website heatmaps and visitor activity analysis by tracking visitors' mouse moves, clicks and scorlls to increase conversion rates and maximize your return on income. It brings you seven services headed up by the most detailed mouse mapping heat maps that tell you exactly where your visitors' linger. Did you know that there is an 88% correlation between mouse and eye movement and MouseStats records even the smallest mouse movements with all data converted to a simple heatmap. Find out what attracts and distracts the visitor and which picture or piece of information  on your page attracts more attention. Easily draw squares and choose areas and compare them with real-time charts. Clicks are one of the most telling stats  to give you important information and MouseStats shows you where they clicked, what they like and don't like and, most importantly, what confuses them. the things they don’t. Find out the places in your site that proves best to show your best content. You can even create your own heat maps based on your own custom settings to analyze specific types of visitors.
Do you think women in Kentucky spend more time on your site than women from Indiana? Do Mac users visit more often than anyone else? Do great shoes draw more attention than great hats? When you put a website together I bet you didn't think about one area of your site being a better selling area than another but, amazingly enough, it's true. MouseStats let's you analyze your visitors down to finite levels with this fine set of monitoring and tracking tools and helps you discover important facts about the navigation of your site. Find out where you are going right and find where you might be going wrong.

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