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Get your circle of friends to work for you

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Published 25 Mar 2012

[cont'd] recording software to leave their thoughts and integrates them into a package for you straight away. The sooner you find out about any potential problems the sooner you can act on them to put them right. You can watch and hear the thoughts of real users as they react to your site. You'll even get a few tips from to help you along.
If you want to try out you can try out the dollar deal. For that measly sum you can test drive a couple of projects and ten reviews. That should give you enough information to give you an idea whether it's for you or not. There are no contracts or commitments - you can use on month by month basis or whenever you have a site ready for testing amongst the people that mean the most to you. Your friends, colleagues, clients and family. If you still feel the need to hire 'professional reviewers,' will provide them at r less than the $40 charged by many. There's even a 100% guarantee and refund system if you're not happy. Time to put your circle of friends to work for you.