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Published 6 Jun 2012

The concept behind this free social writing and sharing application came originally from the Japanese phenomenon known as ‘Keitai Shousetsu‘ – literature distributed through texting. But instead of texting, the writers of Movellas publish their novels, diaries and poems online and one chapter at a time. Itt gives you access to thousands of stories instantly that you can read via iOS, tablet or e-reader and then interact with the author and fellow social friends about their stories or writing in general. If you are a writer,  Movellas gives you a great place to display your skills and enthrall other readers.
If you’re looking to discover new, innovative and interesting apps for the Android or iPhone,  Movellas  is one of those ‘not to be missed’ apps. It gives you access thousands of new stories instantly. You can browse and search for your favorite categories, pick up where you left off reading as well as leave comments and feedback to the author. Movellas let's you read your stories anywhere and at anytime and encourage the author by adding a  ‘heart” if you like it. When you add a story to your  list of favorites you will be notified when new chapters are publsihed. Movellas is a community site where everyone, no matter what age, can share their passion for great stories. You can publish your own stories so that everyone can read them and give you feedback and find lots of fantastic stories to read in every genre and...