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Published 6 Jun 2012

[cont'd] on every topic. You can download movellas as ebooks to your computer, tablet, iPad, iPod Touch, e-book-reader or smart phone quickly, easily and totally free!
If you love to read or write you have to be interested in this free story sharing application which is fast getting the reputation as one of the"must have" apps. The thing that impressed me as much as anything else was the writing styles and storylines of the subject matter. Rather than the usual racy Mills and Boon style or erotic supernatural horror stories that pervade many story sites these days, Movellas authors deal in everything from divorce, discrimination and homosexuality to music, heartache and fun. Rather than authors just putting their work in the shop window they seem to revel in the interaction with their social readers.  And, you know what? I really like this idea of getting a chapter at a time. It's like the old days when you would have to wait till the next issue of your fave mag to come out to see what happens next.