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The app is for the purest of movie buffs and 'Oscars' fans. The app comes with a whopping 1000 ... More

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Published 9 Feb 2012

Movie Awards Trivia is a movie application for your iPad and iPhone that celebrates all things film and suchlike. Given that we are in the middle of movie award season at the moment with many award ceremonies happening leading up to the Academy Awards, here is a movie trivia app that'll keep you amused for hours and potentially make you the king of the movie buffs in your house or amongst your friends
This movie app is a treat for movie lovers, movie buffs,'Oscars' fans as well as the casual fan of movies so there is something for everyone here. The app tests your movie trivia and Academy Award knowledge in a uniquely fun and image filled way and comes with a whopping 1000 multiple choice questions along with 100 spectacular slide-shows and 4000 images of nominees and winners for Acting & Best Picture Awards. Multiple choice questions are good for everyone and, even if you know just a little it enables you to guess and get several answers right, score points and build up your knowledge. If you are stuck on a question you can  test your friends' movie trivia knowledge by sharing the question on Facebook. Filters allow you to chose questions grouped by decades, actors or actresses. A feature of over 100 unique slide-shows allows images to be viewed by decade or specific year, providing hours of enjoyment and reminiscing. Lookout for the dazzling and classic vintage movie picture collection too
There are squillions of awards shows on between January and March each year so it's movies,movies, movies at this time of the year. Movie Awards Trivia is a fun multiple choice movie knowledge app with multiple images to help you get your questions answered correctly so you really don't have to be a major movie buff to play it. It certainly looks the goods with a classic movie image-filled interface and it's brilliantly easy to play with. You can even test your friends' knowledge by sharing questions through your Facebook account. So when you are planning your Academy Awards party and want to add something extra this year you might want to add Movie Awards Trivia to the entertainment.

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