Developer description

We are only a team of two, one very talented developer and one general work horse! We have worked really hard over the last couple of months to release “Movie Quiz", an app for real Movie Buffs. The App is free and we have created a number of unique features / styles that you won’t find in any other movie quiz game. A brief summary of the app is below:

• Over 320 movie questions
• Questions range from the 1940’s to present
• A unique thermometer feature telling you how close you are to the right answer
• A unique bonus round where extra hints, reveals and thermometers can be won M
• A ridiculously difficult “Movie Buff” level for those hardcore movie fans.
• Over 1000 hints to help you complete the game
• 4 different kinds of questions – Screenshots, movie posters, famous quotes and multiple choice
- You can zoom into the question images by simply tapping on them

- Ask a friend for help if you’re struggling - via Text, Facebook, E mail and even Twitter.

- Used all your hints and still stuck? Perform an internet search to help you further

Last updated 2 Nov 2012