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Published 20 Jul 2013

[cont'd] films like "The Running Man", "The Crow", "Back To The Future" and lots more. In fact the more you look, the more you find. Latest movie links are added to the site hourly as they are discovered on YouTube. So heat up some popcorn for a stay at home movie night and visit MovieFork.
Well, I've got to say that it hasn't taken me long to fall in love with MovieFork. I have to admit that I wasn't aware just how many full length movies were available on YouTube until quite recently. A friend was looking for a copy of a 50's noir classic which no one seemed to have and, much to my surprise,  I found it in a flash on YouTube. MovieFork is pleasantly easy to use and I found myself scrolling through the squillions of colorful slicks just by searching genres. Quite frankly, I was astonished just how many great films are in there - many of which are recent releases. MovieFork is a great app for the film fan, the kids or the casual viewer. And you won't have to worry about hiring fees.