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MovieGoer is a new kind of mobile app that applies social networking as "peer pressure" to get ... More

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Published 19 Dec 2011

It used to be that the best form of advertising for your movie was purely word-of-mouth. When you saw a movie that you liked you would tell your friends who would tell their friends and so on. The movies became a very social occasion. MovieGoer is a social movie and video sharing app for your iPhone that tries to put the social back into movie going. It uses peer pressure to encourage more people to actually go to the movies rather than catching a film on video.
MovieGoer is a new kind of mobile app that applies social networking as "peer pressure" to get more people to go to more movies more often. It's the easiest thing in the world these days to watch a movie on Netflix or cable, through companies like TiVo or on movie share sites like Hula and even YouTube. Sadly, not quite as many actually go out to the movies. While the video industry in the US has gone through the roof, the same cannot be said for the movie house which has been floundering of late. It needs that extra element to turn the that moviegoing experience back into a social exercise. MovieGoer attempts to bring back the social side of movie recommendations by encouraging the user to compose quick 15 second video reviews of movies that they've seen and liked (or not liked, if it comes to that) and share them with friends and the big wide world on their iPhone or through Facebook.  Of course, that's not all that MovieGoer offers. There are a number of areas where you can look up movie showing times, trailers,  cast and crew credits and ratings as well as details of upcoming releases.
MovieGoer certainly looks the goods that's for sure. The interface looks a million dollars on your iPhone. It's an incredibly easy to use entertainment app that is a pleasure to navigate. Heaps of features to play with but its real raison d'ĂȘtre is the snappy video reviews to entice and stimulate your friends. Everyone wants to be a movie buff and this is your chance to be the new Leonard Maltin. MovieGoer's claim to fame is to put the social aspect back into movie watching rather than relying on the taste of the movie reviewer to whet your appetite. I think I'd rather have my friends recommend a film, personally. Wouldnt you?

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