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Movienr is a social way of discovering movies while engaging with fellow movie addicts. You can ... More

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Published 6 Jun 2014

It seems to get more and more difficult to find a really good movie these days - especially if your taste runs to more than multi million dollar blockbusters that seem to dominate the multiplexes. There used to be the local DVD store down the road that would always have someone working that knows their stuff but they are few and far between in the digital age. So there needs to be another knowledge base of good films to tap into that ensures that lesser known masterpieces like Donnie Darko and Cloud Atlas don't slip through the cracks. We've seen plenty of movie recommendation apps over the last couple of years but none really seem to have what it takes to appease the true movie fan. But this one actually looks good. Movienr is a movie recommendation app with a social side. Here you can discover interesting movies using unique filtering methods while socially interacting with like-minded movie fans from all over the world.
Movienr is a much more social way of discovering movies than many similar apps - primarily because it allows you to engage with your fellow movie addicts. The app helps you find great movies with the aid of its unique and very cool category filter methods and lets you search among thousands of titles listed titles. The categories you can look through include zombie movies, romcoms and dystopia as well as regular ones like crime and action. You can organize your movies and create an archive to your movie history and even see your own movie infographics. You'll also receive selected movie recommendations from Movienr that are based on your interactions. But, the best bit is definitely in socializing with fellow users and sharing your knowledge on the films that you love and getting recommendations from them as to what you should watch next. You can also share your comments and see what your friends are watching as well as interacting with old and new friends. You can also follow other people who have similar tastes to your own.
Unless you are a pretty avid movie fan, there are hundreds of movies - old and new - that you'll likely never come across unless someone recommends them to you. Movienr is a good recommendation site and sits well when compared to many others. But it also has its social side and you can interact with other members who may have similar movie tastes to your own. While it can’t replace the vast knowledge of the dvd store assistant, his easy to use and very convenient app is the modern day equivalent. It looks good, it's easy to navigate around it and it seems to have a nice sense of humor too. And it's free...of course.

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