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Developer description

Premium is free for the next ≈3000 new users ( written 08-04-2018)

In Movieskip, instead of a image of a person, a movie poster shows up. You can swipe left or right, excluding the movie from being shown ever again, or just skipping it for another time.

– Exclude movies from ever being suggested to you again.

– Save the movies you'd like to watch to your watchlist.

– Trying to find a movie with friends – temporarily remove the movies they've excluded from your watchlist

– Select a movie from the list of movies you are all willing to watch

Everyone watching a movie once in a while can relate to having trouble finding the right movie. With friends, you have to pass on movies you'd like because one of your friends have seen them, or don't want to. It could take hours finding the right, which usually ends being a movie you all are not certain about, because you give up.

Movieskip fetches your facebook friends already using the app, so no problems with adding usernames and such. Just "match" with the friends you are going to watch the movie with, and the movies they don't want to watch disappear from your watchlist.

Then it's a lot easier just picking from the list of movies you are all willing to watch.

Last updated 17 Apr 2018

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