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Complete production management, scheduling and budgeting for your indie film at a great price

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Published 2 Apr 2014

One thing that many a budding independent filmmaker doesn't realize until its too late is that the art of making a movie isn't just about the physical action of making the film itself. The grim reality is that there's a lot of paperwork involved - especially if you are the producer, director and writer. With film industry budgets tighter than they have been for many years, it's important to be well organized and have everything mapped out for when things do go off the rails a bit - and they probably will. There are a number of apps on the market to help you with this - Scenechronize being one of best. Now there's another contender, however. deals with everything from production management, scheduling and budgeting to locations, call times and daylight hours - and delivers it at a lower price than many of its competitors. is an app that was created specifically for independent filmmakers to help with their production process. It begins when you import your script into the app and, within a few clicks, you can be creating your budget, your call sheets and production boards. You can upload photos and files associated with your cast and crew as well as possible filming locations, props, wardrobe and pretty much anything else that will prove important to your film. The production board, scene breakdowns and budget are generated automatically as soon as you import your script and all the data that you...