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MoxieCanvas is an online tool that lets you create web animations easily. It uses a simple drag ... More

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Published 10 May 2013

While MoxieCanvas really does create beautiful animations we should get one thing clear. We're not talking about cute animals like Bambi or CGI'd like Buzz Lightyear here. This easy-to-use web animator creates clean and smooth shapes of all kinds to embellish your web pages, marketing or presentations without the use of any complicated codes. Create any kind of shape you need (you can have a go at Bambi if you like) using drop and drag. MoxieCanvas is a full-featured editor that generates HTML5 content and uses the KineticJS library so your animations will work everywhere you want it to.
MoxieCanvas is a great set of online tools that let you create web animations quickly and easily. Use the simple click and drag editor to create rectangles, ellipses, stars, paths, text and images with no need for any type of coding necessary. It also supports the quadratic and cubic bezier curves, in fact,  so you can create any shape you can think of. All shape properties are completely customizable, color, translation, rotation, scaling, opacity, fills, strokes, shadows and more and path shapes can be animated to morph into other shapes. The timeline editor shows all your changes live and a simple drag slider lets you view your animation at different points in time. Your animation can be tested at any time by simply clicking the Test button. When you are ready to publish, simply click the Publish button to generate a directory containing all your resources and...