Developer description

The best photo editor for iOS 8, with intuitive user interface.

What makes us different?
1. You have a wide variety of choosing from unique 500 glass pickers.
2. Zoom in and zoom out features for optical glasses
3. Wonderful opportunities to instantly improve the quality of the photos saving you tons of time
4. Collage features that you won't find in any other similar apps

MoxPhoto is a free and simple one stop solution, to solve everyday problems with photos.

Awesome Features:

•Improve the quality of a photo - (removing light shadows on pictures, smothering micro wrinkles and giving the photo an unique freshness).
•Glasses - Excellent opportunity to understand which kind of glasses suit you the best
•Collage - Change each cell separately, draw your favorite shape and convert it as collage cell, wide selection of ready cells to use as collage. Each cell can become a (front and back) camera that allows you to capture multiple images simultaneously.
•Makeup - use every color for Lipstick, Lip Liner, Eye Liner and Contact Lenses to see how beautiful you are in each. Even you are not alone on the image,.you can do makeup of each face on the image. The angel of your face does not matter with MoxPhoto.
•Hairstyle - Stretch your hire and find out your best hairstyle that suits you.
•Filters - 40 best favorite filters chosen from thousands of options

What is more?

Drawing, Blur, Pixelate, Crop, Color Control, Sharpness.

Last updated 17 Jan 2015

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