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GET confidence building self esteem,self worth,health and well being forever! Our epic MP3 Quran Tafsir Translation is a brilliant tool for understanding the truth about Islam with English translation & melodious harmonic MP3 recitation for a mind body soul cleansing CURE! Islam means to surrender one's will to the will of the Universal Creator. The Universal Creator is He whom the peace and harmony in the Universe testifies to. Get to know who the Universal Creator is to understand the behavior of Muslims and non Muslims alike. A great tool to understand Universal behavior.
Muslims claim that all ca.124.000 prophets of Allah including Adam,Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad surrendered there will to the will of their Creator. The Holy Quran aides self healing by encouraging positive thinking & positive thoughts in daily life and enables the development of positive energy attraction as practiced by Mohammad s.a.w and his illustrious companions. They were able to change negative situations into positive energy flow situations with the most honorable of good deeds. Having the awareness of the nearness of Allah at all times prevented them from committing evil deeds. The Lord of the Worlds created everything with his word. Everything is composed of the sound waves of The Creator's word.
Still 1400 years on science cannot but testify to the truth of The Holy Quran. It is the only book in the world which starts off by introducing itself as 100% TRUTH! In fact modern science using e.g.Solfreggio Frequencies (God frequency) + Golden Ratio (fibonacci sequence) continue to re-confirm The ONENESS of The Universal CREATOR! The Mind Body Soul frequency which when tuned in harmony with the frequency of the rest of the Universe invokes The Creator's limitless blessings and favours in addition to his endless mercy and compassion.
COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS obout Islam are exposed and clarified: "Muslims worship a moon god,Muslims don't believe in Jesus,Islam is intolerant of other faiths,The Quran was written by Mohammad,Islamic prayer is just ritualised performance with no heartfelt meaning,Most Muslims are Arab,Islam oppresses women,Islam and Terrorism,Islam and Women,Islam promotes jihad by the sword to spread Islam and kill all unbelievers,The crescent moon is a universal symbol of Islam,marriage in Islam,Islamic fundamentalism and Terrorism,Advanced Warfare/Armageddon,Resurrection,Self Esteem,Authenticity of Quran,Purpose of Life" Through spiritual warfare against the self (ego) we become able to polish and sparkle the good qualities & willingly abandon the bad qualities.
This methodology is one of the secrets of success and success factors in order to qualify for access to afterlife forever living in paradise and forgiveness and amnesty from the hellfire. We need phone state permissions so we can stop the audio playback when a phone call comes in (otherwise,it would continue playing).We need internet to download data due to the limitation on non-sd card memory on most android phones. NOTE: ***( TAP THE SCREEN TO GET THE AUDIO TOOLBAR )***

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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