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All-in-one mental health assessments made EASY!
Comprehensive Mental State Examination (MSE) and four Clinical Risk Assessments (self-harm and suicide risk assessment, violence and aggression risk assessment, child harm risk assessment and sexual harm risk assessment) can now be completed in less than 10 minutes. New automated clinical reports and risk dashboards provide clinical decision support at the point of care.
First developed in 2005, the MSE&RISK ASSESSr is a proven clinical resource with thousands of completed assessment reports to its credit. Each assessment report is compliant with WHO and international standards. The MSE&RISK ASSESSr converts your clinical information into easily recognised reports and meaningful charts. You don’t do anything different, except you simply put away your pen and paper and instead swipe, touch or voice to text, its business as usual. The benefit is consistent high quality reporting and safe clinical practices in a fraction of the time previously taken.
The MSE&RISK ASSESSr works for us and it will work for YOU, or we will refund your money! We’re confident because we’re mental health clinicians with almost 40 year’s clinical experience; we know what a mental health decision support tool should deliver.
The major benefits are:
• Consistent: It meets expected standards - it’s not new!
• Automatic: Comprehensive assessments, including full reporting features (no more pen and paper).
• Secure: Password protected and no third party interests (no cloud, no server, just you, your information and your device)
• Easy: All the features of an iPhone and iPad, including voice to text. The major features include:
• Reminders (appointments and serial assessments); mental health glossary; individual client records; individual service provider records (linked to the client); quick SMS, phone and email contact functionality; archived, draft and serial reports; quick view risk dashboards; and interface customisation.
• Access to 101 digital educational, training and supervision resources (books, guides, templates and checklists)
• Medicolegal reports If you’re completing a psychological or psychiatric evaluation, behaviour health screen, mental health assessment or vocational screen – then the MSE&RISK ASSESSr is the only instrument of its kind!
Download MSE&RISK ASSESSr NOW! Early bird special price (save $20 on the full price); and if you’re not happy, we’ll refund your money.

Last updated 15 Jun 2014

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