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Introducing MSTY - The worlds first legal music messaging service!

* EDITOR'S CHOICE in 12 countries (inc UK & Ireland) *
* APP OF THE WEEK in 11 countries *
* BEST NEW APPS section in 143 countries *

The next generation of social messaging has arrived! MSTY (My Song To You) is a new music messaging app that allows you to communicate with friends by combining the world's greatest songs with your own words and photos.

There's a MSTY for every moment - with access to the best new music on the planet and fresh content added regularly, MSTY is a fun and exciting new way to message; whether you're happy, sad, celebrating, flirting or simply having fun with friends...

MSTY is free to download and free to use - so go get MSTY and let the music do the talking...!

Last updated 22 Sep 2015

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