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Break down language barriers and instantly translate between over 90 languages. Translation ... More

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Published 25 Oct 2015

Whether we like it or not, we seem to have more contact with people who don't speak our languages than ever before. There are more Spanish speaking people in the US, more Europeans in Britain and more people from all over the world doing business in Asia. In an ideal world we would all just learn a new language but that's not always practical. So, an app like mText2Speech is going to be very useful to many. This language and translation app for iOS breaks down the language barriers by automatically translating text phrases in over 90 different languages. It will detect the language of any written text and immediately translate it back to you in a natural sounding voice.

mText2Speech is a great app when traveling overseas, for education in the classroom, when learning a new language or simply when you need a quick translation. You can listen or create translations and tutorial recordings and share them via social networks, email or SMS and keep track of most of the languages used. What’s more, the app automatically detects the language of the text and translates it into your desired language - even if it is not your own.

The app has a large number of excellent features including either automatic or manual translation between over 90 languages with the text delivered in a normal voice rather than similar apps which often sound like robots. You can share your text or MP3 audio files for translation and create...