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Published 25 Oct 2015

[cont'd] recordings containing audio from multiple translations and even add your own microphone audio if you wish. For convenience, you even get a country of origin flag for each translation to indicate its language.

Effectively, mText2Speech let's you have a 'conversation' with people that don't speak the same language as you - all from your iPhone or iPad. It allows you to converse with others by speaking a phrase into your phone and having it typed back into another language. You can ask a person to type their questions and answers into your phone and the translation will be turned back into English. Recording is great for creating language or multi-language lessons that can then be shared with students and everything will be automatically saved and displayed in a familiar messaging format for easy future access. You just have to click on any message to display a popup menu that gives the option to either play, share, remove or copy. If the entered text is to be translated into a specific target language, two message entries will be added - one with the original text and one with the translated version.

mText2Speech is a comprehensive, convenient and easy to use iOS language app for travelers, teachers, students and pretty much anyone else who has to communicate with those who don't speak their language. It's particularly useful when traveling because you can enter words or phrases and immediately see and hear the translation. The interface is clear and...