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Published 1 Dec 2011

There are quite a lot of sites around matching people who need information to relevant experts and this follows similar lines to a lot of them. In this case though the emphasis is on gaining instruction so if you want lessons in Arabic or mathematics or perhaps would like to know how to create a Wiki you can search and find an instructor willing to teach you online. Being a two-way arrangement it follows then that you can sign up to instruct or sign up to learn. Anyone looking for instruction can search by the tags or enter a subject or topic name and see if it’s included.

To set yourself up as an instructor you simply have to fill out your profile and set out your area of expertise which doesn’t have to be restricted to one subject. You can set your hours of availability and your charges if applicable. Your availability will show up in your student’s time zone so everyone will be clear.

Tutorials are online and can be done using your own webcam and the sites integrated audio chat function. Instructors can also upload more structured course content as PDF’s along with images.

The site makes money from charging instructors 5% plus 50 cents for a successfully completed session on any paid subject. PayPal or Amazon fees also apply.

Some of the subjects on the list are free so it’s a bit hit and miss as to whether your need will cost you. And as...