Developer description

Muecs currently have three services released, which were the Mahsups Share, Community, and Marketplace.
Mashups Share allows people to aggregate contents they added in favorites or uploaded
in some popluar web site services. Currently we integrated Digg, Youtube, Delicious, Twitter, MetaCafe, SlideShare, Pownce, and Flickr. We also built in a RSS Feeds Readers and Bookmarks. User allow to view their social media contents in this web application and share it with their friends through Muecs web messenger. Community is simply a web application for people to create or join the crews by their interested and hobbies. People can share their thought and ideas by post articles, discussion. Upload and share photos that related to their crews. Marketplace for people to list their items and sell, users can create their own personal online shop with customizable interface features.
Moreover, In these services, we did some rich user interface, and function to allow user customize via their interests. In this way, it provide everyone difference experience by personalize it for themselves. In, communication is broken down into different categories which include community, Crew, Mashups share and Activities, so depending on what your interests are, you have a variety of options.

Last updated 2 Dec 2011

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