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Multi-Cloud Management App--MultCloud Combines All Cloud Drives In One Place Competition for cloud services is fierce in recent years, all kinds of cloud drives come one after another make us dazzled. Many users like to shop around, some people like free, some people like new. So they create many cloud drive accounts. Then trouble followed, because it is hard to find target file from several cloud drives.
MultCloud is a web-built app, users can manage multiple cloud services with it, include famous GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSync and Amazon S3, etc. Besides these, it also supports WebDav and FTP. MultCloud is very simple to use. First, users should add cloud drives to MultCloud. As a powerful multi-cloud manager, only display files in cloud drive, upload and download is not enough. All you can do operations in Windows Explorer can be done with the MultCloud. Such as creating new folder, deleting file/folder, renaming file/folder, cutting, copy&paste, look property, etc. You can also share file in your cloud drives to friends with MultCloud easily.
MultCloud supports the preview of gif, jpg, png, pdf, doc, xls format now. And more formats will be available in the near future. Thus you can distinguish different files before you open them. In addition, MultCloud supports fuzzy search because of its magic search box. Another highlight of MultCloud is it is 100% FREE. Since it is a web-app, you don’t need to install any plugins.
There are many guarantees to protect security of MultCloud. 256-bit encryption is applied on the data transmission in MultCloud. And the authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to access multiple cloud accounts without username and password required. Above all, MultCloud does not save your data and files.

Last updated 16 Aug 2014

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