Developer description

Created by Spinner of Yarns, MultiPlayer is the first ever attempt to integrate with the user management module of all major gaming platforms including Steam, Xbox and Playstation. There is just no better place than MultiPlayer to work on your friend requests / add new friends on all the abovementioned platforms. But why? Why would you want to manage your friends on this platform?

Because we also act as a place that allows you to inform other like-minded gamers about when and what to play on what platforms so that they can join you and have fun together. Basic game details like game cover, trailer, description will be automatically found and uploaded to save you from the hassle of having to fill in a complex form. You only need to tell us the game's name and when to play on what platform, and that's it. That's how you will find other gamers who are interested in joining you or the other way around. To make everything easier, a chat room will also be automatically provisioned for every game created to enable gamers to discuss the details.

As you might have noticed by now, MultiPlayer serves one main purpose, which is to give gamers a place to easily form team when they wish to play with others. All the other features like integrations with major platforms and creation of game rooms are merely there to help you achieve this. After all, no one deserves to game alone when they don't want to.

Last updated 31 May 2021

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