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Editor's review

Published 4 Mar 2013

If you watch the news bulletins nowadays you might have noticed how they are beginning to use the tablet platform instead of the clipboard. Gone are the days of the sacred pencil and paper. The fact is, the tablet has revolutionized everything over the last couple of years. It's even beginning to replace the humble and reliable old whiteboard / blackboard. MultiSketch is a new draw and design app that effectively, turns your Android into a wireless whiteboard - wherever you are. Imagine yourself for example, wandering around your meeting and jotting down notes on your tablet or phone and sending them in real-time to a designated computer, phone, tablet or projector. When your assembled multitude log in to MultiSketch, they can see exactly what you are you write it. Neat, eh?
Just fire up MultiSketch on your Android and open the specified URL from any HTML5 compatible browser on another computer that is connected to the local network and you can see your sketches in real-time as you draw. The app is a dream for everyone from lecturers and teachers to digital artists and is great for use at home, in the office or even on a friend's laptop. and, when you connect your laptop to a projector you can magically sketch wirelessly to a big screen - even  if you are wandering the room. MultiSketch supports any HTML5-compatible browser, including Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and you can even use the app as a 'peer-to-peer' with a computer via an ad-hoc network when a WiFi hotspot is unavailable.
The more you think about this exceptionally useful drawing app the better and more useful it becomes. But when you bring it right back to basics, MultiSketch lets you express your ideas as sketches - just like drawing on a whiteboard - and share them with your team instantly. The bottom line with this smart app is that it's perfect for real-time collaboration and for getting your message across to other people and doing it without having to hand out photocopies or explain yourself to the nth degree. Whats more, it makes your work more productive and much more for to use.

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