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Started on a diet plan with great zeal but lost focus midway? Joined the gym but couldn’t last longer than a week? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’d probably think that all you needed was a little motivation to make it across the line. Well, MuscleLove aims to do just that! In this unique social networking platform, get an opportunity to work together with thousands of aspiring fitness freaks. Get motivated by watching people’s timeline of photos and the progress that they make. We promise you it won’t be long before you have a portfolio of your own! To build muscles or to lose weight, whatever your goals, MuscleLove will have plenty of real life success stories unfolding in front of your eyes to keep you going.

Post your own pictures as you go ahead with your plans and make progress. Maybe you could even post pictures of the dazzling snug outfit you want to wear, or the belt you wouldn't dare put on now! Maybe a picture of the scale dropping numbers would be something that keeps you moving. Whatever inspiring picture you wish to motivate yourself with to get fit and healthy, you can post on MuscleLove! What’s more? You’ll be the one inspiring a hundred others before you even know it!

Last updated 23 Apr 2014