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Published 4 Dec 2015

[cont'd] of the time the independent ones are put together by willing workers who, unfortunately, don't know how to sell their product. So, when an app like this one comes along, with great information and a good look to it, it's worth sitting up and taking notice. Mused is a lifestyle travel directory that aims to help you discover the great culture that exists everywhere that you go in the US.

The app doesn't just show you where to find museums, cultural heritage sites and important historical locations and buildings, however. Mused manages to showcase both the quirky and the not so quirky sides of America. You'll find native American artifacts, unique doll collections, stamp shows, toy museums, cartoon festivals, train and boat exhibitions, places with great architecture and even places like the wonderful Neon Boneyard in Vegas where all the old signs from the golden age of Las Vegas are kept. It also features countless zoos and gardens as well as a veritable menagerie of other weird and wonderful places with activities that everyone can enjoy.

Mused is completely free and aimed at everyone from the hardcore museum fan and tourists to daytrippers and business travelers. Initially, the app was created to shine a light on US locations but the plan is to roll out the rest of the world over the next year or so. The app also keeps you informed about all the latest exhibitions and events while also letting you know...