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It has been said that music has charms to soothe the savage breast (or beast, for those who are prone to misquoting old poems), but now music can help iPhone and iPad gamers smite a host of ferocious enemies, thanks to an innovative new video game called Music Invaders. Distributed by Starsheep Interactive Corporation, Music Invaders is an action-packed, highly engaging shoot-em-up arcade-style game that is newly available on the iOS. And rather than relying only on soundtracks provided by the game's creators, players can load their own mp3 music collection and guide the course of the game with their favorite tunes.

Music Invaders is the first game that allows the player to load his or her own mp3 music, and then use it to modify all aspects of the gaming environment. While video games and music have gone hand in hand for years, they have never been synchronized as completely - and as entertainingly - as they are in Music Invaders. For the first time, sound truly defines the movement of all of the game's elements. All enemies dance and move to the rhythm of the chosen music, and in fact everything in each level of the game is automatically generated and moved by whatever music is playing.

Music Invaders exploits the full potential of the iPhone/iPad platform, say its creators. The game employs a new, advanced technique called procedural processing of music, which has been in development for more than a year. It is this technique that allows real-time processing of sound into a true arcade-style game.

Innovative 3D graphics add to the experience as the player is challenged through 15 unique levels, with the object being to destroy rows of fierce invaders, and to collect waves and points along the way in order to reach the next level.

In Music Invaders it really is all about the music, as each enemy reacts in real time to the sound. "Sound interaction and intense moments are the pillars of Music Invaders," stress the game's creators.

The unique features of Music Invaders include:

- Use of the player's own music, which determines the actions of the enemies

- Innovative 3D graphics

- 4 unlockable spaceships

- 25 weapons

- 15 enemies and 5 "boss" types

- Music attack mode

- Real-time sound processing

...and much more

That "much more" in the features list will depend in part upon responses from users. Music Invaders is very much a work in progress, evolving on almost a daily basis, and its creators are depending upon user feedback and requests to make the game even more exciting and challenging. Players can use an easy form on the Music Invaders web site ( to request new features, and the most-requested features will be included in updated versions of the game.

Last updated 3 Dec 2012