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Developer description

Music Player (Fabulous) is probably the best looking Music Player for android.

This Audio Player is designed with material theme. Music Player (Fabulous) is an simple and elegant MP3 and Audio Player for android. This Music Player also has a built in equalizer and bass booster.

The design of this MP3 player is to make the audio playback seemless and enchanting.
Music player (Fabulous) is also one of the newest Audio Player in the android market.

It can play any types of audio files including (Supporting wav , mp3, flac and many other such formats).

The equalizer is five band equalizer and with bass booster effect for 3D surround sound. You can easily turn on and off the equalizer effect.

So please try this newly MP3 player for android and experience a new way to listen music.

Key Features:

Material Design
Music Player has a clean and sturdy interface which will keep on improving as we rolll out updates.

Built in Equalizer and Bass Booster
This Music Player has built in Equalizer and Bass Booster for 3D sound effect. Its a 5 band equalizer which you can easily turn on and off.

Song cutter and Ringtone Maker coming soon
In our next major update we are going to add song cutter and ringtone maker to this Music player (Fabulous)
Please hold on tight.

Inspired from other popular music players.
This Audio Player has been developed by taking best part of other popular apps. Integration
Music Player (Fabulous) downloads the required artist or album art from net. (Still under development)

There is an inbuilt theme engine with many different colors to choose from.

Last updated 25 Jun 2016

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