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Developer description

Do You Know well your national anthem?, we are confident that the answer is yes, but what about the hymns from other countries? We show you a way to dynamically learn these hymns and pass it well at the same time. Introducing Music Think fast! National Anthems, built entirely in html 5. This new version will allow you to listen for 12 seconds, a national anthem at random and will be shown 4 options in order to be able to guess their origin with two game modes and three difficulty. Your knowledge, expertise and intuition will be the keys to be able to complete all the levels or beat your opponents, already featuring our famous multiplayer mode that can be used in a mobile or a tablet, from 1 up to 4 players. The gameplay is the same as in the other versions of Music Think fast!: the player or players are listening to the fragment of the hymn, (between less time to respond more stars and score will be obtained), if you play on an individual basis and not trooper, you begin the level again; in multiplayer mode, if thoughts first to answer and not guess, the other player will get a chance to hit. At the time of correctly guessing the anthem, you could be shown on a map the country of origin, as well as its flag and you will be able to play it again to get a better learning of this hymn and its country. In addition, he has a wide range of languages to choose from. An excellent way to expand your culture and learn by playing, is Music Think fast! National Anthems. No matter your age, download now, enjoy and learn. Available free for IOS and Android platforms.

Last updated 11 May 2014