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Developer description

Amazing, dynamic and exciting, this is the app Music Think fast! TV Series (MTF! ). You can enjoy this app in several languages with unique features such as the multiplayer mode that can be used for two players in the mobile, or up to four players for a tablet. The goal of the game is to guess how fast and bold move the piece of music that will sound once started the game and respond to that TV series belongs; covering series from the 60's until the present. The interface is friendly, clear and attractive, it enables users of any level feel safe when it comes to choosing your mode of play, if for any reason they want to go back to the main menu can do so with ease and speed. Account with three levels of difficulty and different trophies that will be making throughout the game. The multiplayer mode that does not require connection to the internet, is the following: the first player to press the button to guess wins the shift of answer, (between more time passes, fewer stars or points can be earned by the song), but if the player that played first you make a mistake, the second player has the opportunity to get it right.

The reason Music Think Fast! Tv Series is a great app, is due to its easy interface to occupy, the extent and variety of series handles, making it more fun for players of any age game, clarity of audio to guess the song, and how competitive which is multiplayer.

The updates to the application are made periodically as required.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015