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A new dating site for men where you decide the level of commitment

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MUSL is a unique app for iOS and Android, built to let our users connect easily with other guys ... More

Editor's review

Published 24 Oct 2017

If you look through the many gay dating sites available online you'll see that the predominant feature of many is the quick hook-up. While it has changed its emphasis more recently, an app like Grindr for example, built its reputation on being the place to go to meet up with like-minded people with sex as the ultimate goal. However, gay folks - just like heterosexual folks - have a myriad of reasons for wanting to meet up with new friends. Some indeed are looking for sex. But many others are simply looking for friendship or are looking for someone to settle down with in a long-term relationship. 

MUSL is a unique new gay dating site for iOS and Android that values friendship and relationships as much as it does flirting and hooking up - allowing users to connect more comfortably with other men who are looking for a similar relationship. The app features three completely separate areas - 'friend,' 'flirt' and 'fun' - with each area featuring a single, separate, viewable profile. Users have the option of having one profile available or all three, depending on the mood that they are in at the time. 

It can be hard to meet same sex people with similar interests as yourself so the 'friend' profile is a purely platonic way of meeting other local men with similar passions and hobbies. You won't find any dick pics or suggestive hook-up messages here. The 'flirt' profile area is for guys who are looking for something a little deeper than just a one-night stand. It might start out as a coffee date with some good conversation but throws up the possibility of a relationship when you get to know each other a bit better. The 'fun' profile area is a no holds barred area where you can go as far as you want and for as long as you want. If that's what you are looking for then it's all here for you. Dick pics, suggestive name it and you can do it here. 

If you are purely in the mood for friendship, your other profiles will not be visible to other users. You also won't have to sift through heaps of profiles from guys who are looking for a hot hook-up for the night. Even if you decide to connect with someone in one profile on a purely friendship basis, your other profiles still won't be visible to them unless you want them to be. That's one of the beauties of MUSL - you get to choose and control just how much you share. However, if your mood changes and you want to take things a little further, you can easily change your profile to suit your new mood.  You know how it is when you start a new relationship, it starts off slowly and layers tend to be peeled back slowly. Partners have to earn our trust before we let them know all of our hopes and dreams and our funny little ways. MUSL will deliver up to 120 new potential new playmates arranged geographically from your location with both filtered and non-filtered results.

As well as the unique features mentioned earlier, the app includes a number of excellent features to make your dating easier. For a start, the app features a SFW (Safe for Work) function so you don't have to worry about others in the office spying over your shoulder at your endeavours. However, just in case you get too carried away, there's a time limit feature that allows you to control how much time you spend on the app. If you are already in a relationship, you can connect both of your individual profiles from the same area so that you can both chat with others. Naturally, you can easily check out the statistics of those people who have viewed, engaged, liked and matched with your profile and, don't forget, there's a 'travel mode' feature so that you can see potential matches in other cities when you’re traveling to new places. Finally, you can block users, send a quick message and take notes about your favorites.

According to the developers, the goal of MUSL is to enable you to have a better and more honest relationship with as much transparency as you want and with every user's expectations and needs being in alignment. Whether you are looking for a hot date, a friendship or something a little deeper, this is an app that can connect you with like-minded guys who want the same thing that you do - with no misunderstandings. You should probably bear in mind that MUSL is in its infancy right now because it is just launching but there are new features and functions being added all the time. For starters, you might not see heaps of guys in your area because it's early days but, if you let your friends know how the app works,I think you should see the community grow at a fast rate. MUSL is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android for free in the relevant app stores.

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