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Published 11 Apr 2013

There are plenty of businesses where customers virtually demand to have an ongoing relationship. By that I mean occupations like real estate agents, networkers and financial advisers. It's almost as if your client is sitting on the phone waiting for your call and, if they don't get it, they are either going to be mighty peeved at you for not keeping in touch with them or they will take their business elsewhere. Either way you can lose a good client for life or, at the very least, a sale. Musubi takes the difficulty out of relationship building and gives you timely reminders to reconnect with people and appear to be in total control. What's more, it takes it's info from the tools you already use so there is nothing to be learned.
Musubi is a great set of powerful relationship-building tools that allow you to grow, maintain and activate your network. They take the best parts of your contact books, social networks and CRMs and put them right in your inbox. So there is no new system to learn. Basically, if you know how to send an email then you already know how to use Musubi. In order to network properly and efficiently you really do either have to be well organized or have the best memory in the world. Some people can remember everyone they need to get back to and can even remember birthdays and special events without checking but most of us...