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Muut propels community discussion into the modern age. It’s content focused, never messy or ... More

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Published 24 Mar 2015

Its a strange thing but the comments box at the bottom of a website page often offers some of the most incisive comments that you can find. I don't know about you but it's often the first thing I look at after perusing a page about a product or service. Sometimes there are a few iffy comments in there but, generally speaking, you can find out tips and recommendations and it's a really good way for developers to find out what their visitors are really thinking. It's also an opportunity to answer queries as well as engaging your community and keeping them interested in what you have to say. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to comments boxes. Many are rather slow loading and lumpy and take up a lot of space on your mobile if you are out and about. Muut however is the fastest community platform on the planet and, because of its compact size, you won't find it slowing down when you are on the road or away from the office. It's just as fast and easy to use on your mobile as it is on your browser.
Muut is a fully customizable and content focused 'comments box' application that aims to propel community discussion into the modern age. It’s easy to use, never messy or confusing and provides a conduit for developers who are looking to keep their community engaged in the things that matter. Muut offers your blog...