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Published 15 Jun 2012

With millions likely to visit Great Britain in the next few months for the Olympic Games having a travel app like mx Great Britain guide on their mobile is going to come in very useful. But there's probably one tool provided here that will come in even more useful than the others. This travel guide not not shares the content of five 'paid' apps but it also features a WiFi finder that can search out hot spots all over the country. And to add to that mx Great Britain guide is completely free.
While there are plenty of travel apps that make us jump to attention in the FeedMyApp offices - HipGeo and KnowWhat come to mind as Excellent recent releases - there aren't many that offer such an array of information as this one. mx Great Britain guide was just featured on the App Store in the US “What’s Hot” and made the top ten travel apps as new and noteworthy in both  Australia and Canada. Unlike most travel apps that tend to focus on one aspect of your visit, this one packs the best features from five paid travel apps into this one free app. And then it throws in its wild card with the more than useful free WiFi finder which would have saved me an awful lot of time when i was there a couple of years ago. For our American readers I have to tell you here and now that you won't find...