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"My Brand Check App" is an application that assist you analyze your product/service compared to ... More

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Published 21 Sep 2012

If you have run the gamut of marketing gurus you will already know that advertising runs on the '4P' concept. For those not in the know the concept is that all advertising is based on Product, Price, Place and Promotion and that is exactly where this sales and marketing application fits into the market. My Brand Check App Pro is a product evaluation app for iOS that offers an extensive 4P oriented questionnaire to analyze your product's strengths and weaknesses to boost sales as well as looking at its place in the current market.
If you have an interest in marketing and wish to evaluate a new product then My Brand Check App Pro just old well be the perfect app. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, this unique sales and marketing tool automatically checks your product’s market situation and potential. It also shows you how you can improve your overall sales performance, whether it be short or long term, with an extensive and cleverly crafted questionnaire based on the four “P’s” of the marketing mix theory: “Product”, “Price”, “Promotion”, and “Place”. The questionnaire will also assist in evaluating your target market and also your direct and potential competitors. You will need to answer the questionnaire as openly and honestly as you can so it can properly determine your product’s strengths and weaknesses along with the current market situation. Where My Brand Check App Pro is going to fit into the app marketplace most effectively will probably...