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Use the My Car Album app for iPad to combine events, photos and vehicle-specific information ... More

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Published 9 Sep 2013

Many car enthusiasts will jump on this new and interactive car application for iPad purely because it looks good. Maybe it will be looked upon as another cool car toy to play with...but, believe me, it's much, much more than just a pretty face. My Car Album is admittedly a very handsome looking app but it does have a brain to match its beauty. It provides a place to display pretty well everything that can be said and shown about your car. It combines a place for unlimited photos as well as all your car's specific details and wraps it up in a beautiful looking interface.
The My Car Album app for iPad combines events, photos and vehicle-specific information into an interactive living archive that chronicles the unique history of your car. The main features include the unique interactive timeline where you can swipe left and right to look through events that took place around the world at various stages of your car's life. As you can imagine, older cars that are being restored will have an amazing timeline. Fill in the details that you know that validate the unique details of your car and simply tap an event to see the detail. These details  can include the date the car was purchased at various points of its life, its mileage, the location, cost, provider and previous owners as well as notes and a choice of sixteen different event categories. Then add one or more...