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My Clock Station PRO is your all in one productive clock solution! This app is designed to be ... More

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Published 4 Sep 2012

In the big wide world of apps that feature alarm clocks and time keeping there are alarm clocks that tell the time and then there are apps like My Clock Station Pro which could be (and has been) described as the 'Swiss army knife of alarm clocks.' This productivity app for iPhone and iPad is far more than just an alarm clock, however, and apart from featuring a big bold clock there is a calculator, a notepad and even some nice, soothing sounds to wake up to in the morning.
My Clock Station PRO is your all in one productive clock solution! Designed to be amongst the most functional clock apps in the market it includes a plethora of great features, For a start there is a beautiful HD clock with big bold numbers and a built in calculator. For those wishing to sleep better or wake up a little more gently you can tune into the full sleep therapy solution with 10 built In sounds including Ocean Waves and even Crickets. So you can quickly jot down your dreams first thing in the morning there is a notetaking and memo section and you can turn the screen white so you can use the device like a light. My Clock Station Pro is great for those of you looking for a nightstand-style clock solution with some sleep therapy thrown in for good measure. It is perfect for busy professionals and students and includes a nap timer for those breaks...