Developer description

I'd like to introduce a new digital cookbook app for Android: my CookBox.
The app can be downloaded from Play Store at this link

my CookBox allows you to organize your recipes.
You can add your recipes manually or import recipes directly from web.
If you add a recipe manually, you can pick the ingredients from a pantry and dictate the preparation using speech recognition.

You can share your recipes via email, facebook, whatsapp etc. In particular, using the function "Send Recipe" you can send a recipe to your friends and they can import it in the app by just clicking on the attachment (if they have my CookBox installed).

Using the function "What to cook", my CookBox will pick for you one of your recipes. You can also specify an ingredient to make my CookBox pick one of the recipes that contain it.

Recipes can be grouped by categories which can be customized by the user.

In addition, my CookBox includes a section where you can manage your shopping lists. You can create a shopping list from scratch or export it from a recipe.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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