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An event checklist is any list that requires input from more than one person. MyEventChecklist ... More

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Published 5 Oct 2012

I guess the mark of a checklist is that it acts in a Wiki fashion by allowing more than one person to have access to it and be able to collaborate and contribute to the information in it. And if that is the criteria then My Event Checklist qualifies without any problems. This social event sharing application allows multiple collaborators to add and update their lists and can be used from anything from a dinner party for a birthday to a live sporting event. My Event Checklist lets everyone see and contribute to the event they are invited to.
An event checklist is any list that requires input from more than one person and MyEventChecklist allows multiple people to access, update and record items they are contributing to the list. An event checklist is anything you want it to be. It could be a list of items for a potluck dinner, or a packing list for a family reunion. The simplest example is a birthday party. Everyone is asked to bring something, but you don’t want to end up with 5 salads and no desserts. So, create an event checklist and everyone that is coming to the party can access the checklist and specify what dish they are bringing. They can see what others are bringing and you can ensure your event is a success! While there are other checklist apps around they all tend to require someone to be in charge of the list to oversee and make...