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The $156 million dollar artist that many have never heard of

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"My-Guide to Gustav Klimt" is an Android app meant as a tribute to the artist and his work. Once ... More

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Published 3 May 2014

When a painting called "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" was sold for US$156 million (that’s around £73 million!!!) and became the most

valuable painting in the world a few years ago, it turned the art world on it’s head. The reason for this was that it wasn't painted by Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt or even Bacon. It was a painting by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and it catapulted this lesser known artist into the big league. However, his work is still not appreciated anywhere near enough outside the critics and his loyal fans. My Guide to Gustav Klimt is a beautiful looking Android art application that offers an appreciation of this great artist's work that has been put together by long time fan, Ken Herman.
"My Guide to Gustav Klimt" is a free Android app that is meant as a tribute to the artist and his work. Once installed it will let you discover some of his most popular works, each with detailed descriptions and images. Gustav Klimt was born the son of a gold and silver engraver in a suburb of Vienna in 1862. He had a formal art training at the Vienna School of Decorative Arts and, in 1882, Klimt opened a studio of his own with his brother Ernst and Franz Matsch, a fellow student. They specialized on executing mural paintings and were quite successful, receiving commissions from theaters, museums and other public and semi-public institutions. In 1897 he founded with other artists the Vienna Secession (or Austrian Nouveau Art movement) and became its first president. His painting The Kiss is a symbol of Vienna Secession. By now, he had developed his own characteristic style - known as symbolism, though it was hardly subtle - which became the trademark of the movement. As with Impressionism, Art Nouveau (Klimt was a big Aubrey Beardsley fan) was an international revolt against the traditional academic art style. Klimt was considered quite controversial and far ahead of his time and is noted for his paintings, murals and sketches as well as many other objets d'art. His primary subject was the female body with his works marked by a frank eroticism and sensuality. Although his work was not widely accepted during his time, some of the pieces that he painted during his career are now seen as some of the most important and influential pieces ever to come out of Austria. Some were only rediscovered recently after they were taken by the Nazis during WWII.  The artist created few paintings on traditional canvas as he saw himself more as a mural painter and decorative artist. He designed posters and worked as an illustrator for magazines and even went into design works for fashion and jewelry. His understanding of art regards it as something that should not be confined purely to art academies, studios and canvases. This idea and concept was revitalized with the Pop Art movement in the sixties and seventies.
Art websites and apps are notorious as being some of the most boring places known to man but you can't throw that accusation at this one. It has obviously been a labor of love for developer Herman and it shows. The pro version of the app is an excellent tool to learn even more about the artist and his paintings and gives access to 3 portfolios of Klimt’s artworks with detailed descriptions for each work and of the artist himself. The app offers a dynamic zoom-in for each piece of artwork, lets you create Klimt inspired wallpaper and lets you share photos via your favorite social media. There are also 5 quizzes about Gustav Klimt and his work. If you knowledge of art doesn't feature Klimt, you are the worse for it. My Guide to Gustav Klimt is a great way to discover a creative genius that has yet to find his place on the top shelf.

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