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The $156 million dollar artist that many have never heard of

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Published 3 May 2014

[cont'd] are notorious as being some of the most boring places known to man but you can't throw that accusation at this one. It has obviously been a labor of love for developer Herman and it shows. The pro version of the app is an excellent tool to learn even more about the artist and his paintings and gives access to 3 portfolios of Klimt’s artworks with detailed descriptions for each work and of the artist himself. The app offers a dynamic zoom-in for each piece of artwork, lets you create Klimt inspired wallpaper and lets you share photos via your favorite social media. There are also 5 quizzes about Gustav Klimt and his work. If you knowledge of art doesn't feature Klimt, you are the worse for it. My Guide to Gustav Klimt is a great way to discover a creative genius that has yet to find his place on the top shelf.