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Built on our belief that happiness is infinitely shareable, My Happy gives users the world over ... More

Editor's review

Published 16 Aug 2016

After working in retail for a few years I can attest that the shopkeeper's greatest weapon isn't flashy window displays or big tv advertising screens. It's the smile that you give a customer when they walk through the door. The truth is, smiles are infectious and it's hard not to smile back if you are flashed one. To show happiness - and the ability to pass it on - is probably one of the most powerful emotions that we possess. Here is a new app for iOS and Android that aims to take the concept of happiness to a completely new level.

My Happy was created to give users the power to share their happy thoughts with family and friends, to improve the world's positivity and make it a generally better place for all of us to live. You can reach out to anyone and everyone - at any time you like and anywhere in the world - and make their day just a little bit better. Search the app's extensive 'Happies' gallery and create and share inspirational, aspirational and affirmative artworks with messages that are tailored to every occasion.

Happies are beautifully crafted, inspirational visual messages that you can send to a friend or loved one to brighten up their day. Whether you simply want to make your best friend smile, send a family member a birthday greeting or offer thoughtful support to someone who is going through a hard time, Happies make it quicker, easier and more meaningful than ever before. You can even create your own if you are feeling creative and adventurous.

The developers’ aim is to create an entire community who come together with the desire and motivation to spread happiness around the world and that's a hard aim to dismiss. The app is good to look at, easy to navigate and simple to use. Just invite friends from your contact list with just one click. You can then choose and send out your Happies from the extensive galleries which feature images that are fit for all occasions. Take it one step further and create your own Happies by selecting one of the stock images and inserting your own personal message into it. Personalize your Happy to suit your own style by using one of the cool typefaces and change the text color to suit the occasion and you're done. Your newly created and fully customized Happy can then be stored in your own personal library and reused whenever you like.

It's easy to show your happiness to people with a heartfelt smile when you meet them face to face but it's not so easy when they aren't there with you. My Happy is a smile substitute that you can send to family and friends whether they are in the next town, the other side of the country or on the other side of the world. It's available now for free on Android, iPhone and iPad.

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