Developer description

This app is for individuals who are experiencing or have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. The toolkit is designed for users to report the harasser, separate from their control, while users remain in their jobs.keep. App features are strategies, an incident e-journal, pre-filled letters, and all-industry report form. The user interface is comprised of a four buttons: The Sexual Harassment Cycle, Winning Moves, Career Shield and E-Journal. In the first two sections, help we expose male entitlement as the root cause of sexual harassment. Moreover, we assert the contrarian view that sexual harassment is not a primary power sruggle. Rather we identify sexual harassment as a coercive mating strategy. Abuse of power provides harassers with access to their targets.

The third and fourth sections are utilities. The Career Shield is a set of pre-filled documents that create a paper trail of complaints as evidence of a hostile work environment. he user stablish a hostile work environment. The E-Journal is the cornerstone feature of the app. The button opens to the google keep, a note taking app. Thus, users can record harassment incidents in real time, right from their smartphones. Journal entries are significant because the incident notes contain details of what happened, and how the user felt at the time of the harassment experience.

Last updated 29 Apr 2020