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What would you do if you were a refugee?

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Published 30 Jun 2012

[cont'd] the inhumane conditions that refugees have to suffer. Imagine being so desperate to escape that you would pay your life savings to a people smuggler so you could pack your whole family into an unseaworthy boat and risk a terrifying and life threatening boat trip. Or the terror of being caught by the army you were fleeing from and the trauma of being separated from your family by war? ‘My Life as a Refugee' engages and educates players and compels them to wrestle with the same perilous dilemmas faced by millions of refugees worldwide.The three stories within this free app are based on the real-life experiences of families torn apart by conflict or persecution. The role play revolves around three main characters who have been forced to flee. Months or years of narrative are compressed into each of the stories. Players have to make decisions along the way in order to reach safety. The events and outcome of each story depend on the decisions that the player makes, resulting in a potentially different experience every time.
We are all happy to sit around and debate the plight of the refugees of the world till the cows come home but it always comes down to the same thing in the end. When things in your own country are that bad and life threatening the thought of jumping on a boat or climbing a fence or crossing a border into the unknown couldn't possibly be as bad...