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A beautiful Valentine's Day gift for your loved one

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Want a cool and stylish pic for Valentine’s Day? My Loved Moments is your number one app ... More

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Published 12 Feb 2014

While in no way will you get away with giving your partner this iOS photo editing app alone for Valentine's Day this year...but it will be a very nice add-on to all the other gifts you are going to shower them with. MyLovedMoments (formerly known as Love Camera) sets the mood for love and romance by letting you create unique photos for your loved one. The app lets you decorate your already beautiful photos with great quotes and embellish it using the wide array of editing tools supplied. When you are happy with the finished product, you can email your masterpiece or share it with your partner (and the rest of the word) through your favorite social network.
Want a cool and stylish pic to present to your lover on Valentine‚Äôs Day? My Loved Moments is a convenient and intuitive app with heaps of great tools to help you embellish your photos with the spirit of love and romance and turn them into works-of-art. Take a photo and choose from one of the many ready-made themes that have been designed with the professional photographer in mind. The photos can be beautified with over 60 readily applied filters and frames and over 45 fancy decor elements that can be easily enhanced using the various color and font adjustment tools. You can change frames, draw your own decor elements and edit text however you like. All the adjustments that you make are previewed live on screen so you can play around with your images and try on different themes and effects in real time.  Add something like a heart-shaped effect and a cute quote and your boring photo turns into the Valentines Day equivalent of a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. When you are ready to present your romantic photo to the love of your life you can simply share it via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or by regular email. My Loved Moments makes photo editing fast, simple, intuitive and fun!
MyLovedMoments is a simple but quite charming app that gives you all the tools you need to turn your lovely photos into fantastic, romantic gifts for your loved one. The app is ridiculously easy to use and features a wide range of photo editing tools as well as lots of love-related design elements and ready to use, fully editable themes to transform your photos into something special in no more than 30 seconds. My Loved Moments is a universal app that provides you with a tremendous choice of options and combinations to create high-quality pics in a few easy taps. Created for people of all ages and backgrounds, My Loved Moments adds style, color and emotion to every photo taken with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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