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Developer description

You want to put yourself to the test your skill and visual workmanship, we offer you an app that undoubtedly will do it. My Puzzle World Abstract is an app with graphic suppressed high place, beautiful and concise, completely abstract images that will challenge your mental skill to solve its jigsaw puzzle. Do yourself to cheat, there can look like images simple to resolve but the time and its game ways(manners) are the enemies to be conquered. It is provided(relies on) with two game ways(manners) per time and for puntación. In the game way per time, it will give you a fragmented image, which you will have to touch in its different pieces to make them rotate and this way accommodate them up to staying in the correct position. Between less time take major stars puntaje you will obtain and you will be advancing and will unblocking the following jigsaw puzzles. In the game way for punctuation, you will have access to all the jigsaw puzzles, but before initiating, you will have to choose the difficulty; from a less number of pieces, into which the jigsaw puzzle will split, to a major number. As soon as the difficulty was chosen, you will have to move the different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to exchange them of place and this way to manage to accommodate them up to solving the image. Here the time is not the factor to be conquered, to less number of movements major puntaje you will obtain. It overcomes your own marks, challenges your friends, enjoys the abstract and fascinating images that My Puzzle World Abstract offers you.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015