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An SOS lifeline for our elderly relatives at the touch of a button

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'My SOS Family' is your trusted emergency support network of family, friends, neighbours and ... More

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Published 16 Jan 2019

No matter where we are in the world, it's safe to say that care for the elderly is a major problem that is beginning to reach danger point. In the US, for example, there will be over 72 million people aged 65 or over by 2030. In Australia there are over 100,000 elderly citizens who are waiting for home care packages to be provided. In the UK it's said that 97% of older people dread the thought of moving into an age care facility. The bottom line here is that our populations are growing older and Governments (and concerned families) are having great difficulty in finding the money to fund age care for our elderly citizens. As a consequence, more and more of them are staying in their homes with only their grown-up children available to provide assistance.

Unfortunately, many of us can't offer our loved ones the round the clock care that they need because we have busy lives of our own. We work far more than we ever have with families of our own to look after. It's not easy to be there when they need us and the idea of a daily visit is a tough ask for many. Most of the time everything will be fine but you never know when something could go wrong and they need help. That's where 21st century technology steps in to help. There have been a number of personal alert and emergency apps that...